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Small projects deserve big attention.

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PermitZIP offers scalable MEP consulting engineering for small projects and commodity-like construction markets.

Excellent choice for tenant fit-out, restaurants, breweries, offices, strip malls, salons, gas stations, general light commercial, and similar.

A popular choice for multifamily and mixed-use MEP engineering.

223 29th St - Historic Renovation

MEP Design for a historic woman's home into an apartment building.

plumbing, mechanical, electrical

Chef Suite Richmond

A full-service commercial cooking facility with private kitchens rented by restauranteurs to prepare food for pick-up and delivery.

mechanical, plumbing, electrical

Chenman Lofts I

Adaptive reuse historic tax credit renovation of an old scrap yard facility into multifamily.

electrical, plumbing, mechanical

Franciscus Homes

MEP Design of multiple townhome projects throughout Hampton Roads.

plumbing, mechanical, electrical

332 34th St - Historic Renovation Multifam

MEP design for 39 dwelling units in a historic building. This project included DHR review and the coordination of historic elements with new components.

plumbing, electrical, mechanical

Boys & Girls Club of America

A multipurpose teen space facility with a commercial kitchen, auditorium, classrooms, recording spaces, creatives space, and offices.

electrical, plumbing, mechanical

Chenman Lofts II

Ground Up 95-Unit Multifamily

mechanical, electrical, plumbing

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