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Chenman Lofts I

Adaptive reuse historic tax credit renovation of an old scrap yard facility into multifamily.


The 1200 amp, 120/208 volt, 3 phase electrical service lateral runs underground and terminates on a utility CT cabinet. The conductors run under the building slab and terminate into a private (non-utility) modular metering system inside the main electrical room. Per client request, all individual electrical apartments will be under one electric utility bill. A 125 amp feeder runs from each meter's breaker to each apartment unit's 125a main lug only load center, which feeds all branch circuits within each department. Any exposed conduit on historic wall surfaces uses electrical metallic tubing (EMT). There is also a 225 amp house panel for all common loads, including corridor lighting, pool equipment, etc. 


Each apartment is conditioned using a mini-split system with tonnage ranging from one and a half tons to three tons. The air handling unit is placed in a mechanical closet inside the unit. Duct work is exposed spiral, running high and tight to demising walls within the unit to reduce exposure due to historic tax credit requirements. Fresh air duct is designed to connect with HVAC duct system and provide proper ventilation demand for each apartment unit.The common areas are conditioned using indoor ceiling cassette units to limit duct work in the historic areas.


A 6" sanitary line serves the main building with a 3" trunk to each apartment unit. The main 2" domestic water supply enters at the rear of the building. A tap to each apartment terminates on a local shutoff valve within each unit's utility closet. This provides a local means to disconnect water supply in each apartment if maintenance is required. An electric, tanked water heater in the utility closet handles each apartment's hot water.

624 W 24th St, Norfolk, VA, USA




electrical, plumbing, mechanical

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