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Chef Suite Richmond

A full-service commercial cooking facility with private kitchens rented by restauranteurs to prepare food for pick-up and delivery.


An old dealership building converted to a cooking facility equipt to support Chefs seeking to tap into the food delivery market. Each tenant space is a kitchen designed to prepare food for pick-up and delivery.


The electrical service was designed as an 800A 480/277V WYE three-phase system. The service conductors pass through the external utility CT cabinet and then transition to the interior. They immediately terminate on an I-LINE 800A main circuit breaker service entrance-rated panel. The power is then distributed to 3-phase 480V/277 WYE 100 amp main lug-only panels through each tenant's 60A feeders protected by 60A 3-phase breakers. This project included rough-ins and considerations for a future optional standby generator in accordance with NEC 702.


A summary is coming soon!


A summary is coming soon!

4711 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA, USA




mechanical, plumbing, electrical

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