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Boys & Girls Club of America

A multipurpose teen space facility with a commercial kitchen, auditorium, classrooms, recording spaces, creatives space, and offices.


This project was a partnership between the Forum For Youth Investment and the Boys and Girls Club of America as part of a new programmatic strategic plan to create more out-of-school programs and services for teens. The space includes a commercial kitchen, auditorium, classrooms, multipurpose rooms, offices, and other creative spaces for teens. The adaptive reuse project reconfigured a traditional strip mall utility infrastructure to accommodate the new, more significant assembly use types while providing some shell space for future tenants.


The old modular metering equipment was demolished and replaced with a single 1200 amp fused disconnect switch fed via a CT cabinet. A fused disconnect was selected instead of an enclosed circuit breaker to comply with the requirements.


The entire domestic and sanitary systems are new. The sanitary design consists of all under slab SCH 40 PVC combined to a 4" later, which is discharged to the city sewer at the rear of the facility. The domestic water system is provided through the local water utility via a 1.5" meter with a 2" distribution line. The water enters a shared utility space, feeding through an RPZ and into a booster pump system. The booster pump is a Bell & Bosset Aquaboost 1930 variable-speed pump system designed to maintain minimum code building pressure.


The ventilation is provided primarily through a 40-ton packaged rooftop VAV unit. The system has 16 parallel fan-powered terminal units, each with 3-phase 208V electric reheat coils. The auditorium space uses the same VAV system for comfort and partial ventilation. Still, it has ventilation requirements met by an ERV system to reduce the total energy load for treating the sizeable outside air requirements.




electrical, plumbing, mechanical

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