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332 34th St Historic Apartments

MEP design for 39 dwelling units in a historic building. This project included DHR review and the coordination of historic elements with new components.


44,230 Sq ft historic rehabilitation of an existing shelter into 39 apartments. The project located in Newport News, Virginia, includes a basement, two above grade levels, and a gym. Team members included ProVost Construction as the GC/Developer and Archsmith Studios as the architect.


The electrical design included a 2000 amp, 3 phase service terminating on a standard meter center with service disconnects (125-150 amps) protecting the feeders extending to each unit's main lug load centers. The main service is provided with a house panel for house loads and peripheral site branch fixtures as needed.


The plumbing design includes a 2" main domestic water line from a 1 1/2" water meter. Each apartment unit is provided with a tanked electrical water heater, and piping is distributed internally with PEX. The drainage system is a simple PVC system where all units collect and eventually discharge to the sewer with a 6" main. The venting strategy for each bathroom is handled with wet venting, and kitchen sinks are vented with air admittance valves. Condensate is routing to storm per HRSD requirements.


The mechanical design includes a simple split heat pump for each unit ranging in tonnage between one and three tons depending on load calculations. Each indoor fan coil unit has electrical strip heat for extreme cold months. The strip heat also counteracts comfort issues arising when running defrost cycles during winter months. The bathroom exhaust is collected and discharged to the roof.

332 34th Street, Newport News, VA, USA




plumbing, electrical, mechanical

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