Two Weeks? How Do You Do It?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The one question we are almost always asked when explaining PermitZIP is - how do you do this in two weeks?

The invention of PermitZIP happened 4 years ago when the owner, Kenny Shultz, was working for a large firm doing federal embassy work around the world. He started taking on side projects in the city of Richmond and noticed that so many people with small projects were hiring a moonlighting engineer. Being the business savvy man he is, Shultz saw an opportunity to serve an under-served market and decided to take the idea full-time. He quit his comfy job (the week he was getting married and his soon-to-be wife had baby number two on the way) and jumped headfirst into PermitZIP.

Shultz and the team started thinking about the issues people have with engineers when in the small project market (we call it 20,000 square feet or less). So for 3 months, Shultz shut down all sales and marketing and focused strictly on the process.

The team developed a two-week timeline that works like this:

  • Site Visit: The PermitZIP team will come to your site and assess the conditions of the existing building. Once, the site visit is completed, you'll get a report from our team letting you know the next steps.

  • Schematic Design: Once your project is kicked off, we start the schematic design phase. We show the layout of light fixtures, receptacles, switches and proposed electrical service equipment. We will show the mechanical loads and proposed equipment strategies, as well as plumbing loads and primary plumbing pathways. These drawings will give you a clear understanding fo the major services and equipment required to support the needs of your project.

  • Schematic Design Meeting: We will meet with the design team, owners, and all interested parties to go over our schematic drawings. This is the time for all comments and ideas to be brought to the table. Once all comments are received and you give us the green light, we will start on the next phase.

  • Design Development: These drawings will be provided two business days prior to the final permit ready drawings to allow for one final review before being stamped. You will have one business day to review and provide comments or approval. If comments/approval are not ready within that time frame the project will be paused.

  • Final Permit-Ready Drawings: These drawings will be what is submitted to the City/County. They will be signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer and will include the City of Richmond Electrical Checklist and COMcheck when required and all comments will be integrated. Use caution if these drawings are being used for bidding to contractors, as the comments from City/County may cause changes of varying levels to the design drawings. For this reason, we also recommend that the drawings be submitted to the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) as soon as possible.

  • Construction Administration: Any changes or coordination that need to happen within the original square footage will be taken care of in Construction Administration free of charge. This is our One Fee Promise. This includes comments from the AHJ and engineering letters and/or sketches that are needed for changes in the field. You

The time we took for those 3 months to develop internal tools, technology, checklists, and resources to support this timeline has allowed us to be 100% successful in our guarantee to date. We have not missed our deadline, and we take pride in that and the PermitZIP brand.

Learn more at and follow our blog for a future look at common hangups in the two-week process and how to avoid them.

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