Top 5 PermitZIP & Engineering Myths

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

There are so many engineering jokes and memes on the world wide web. And our team hears them daily in the field. So we are taking the time to dispel these untruths, once and for all.

1. Engineers are Nerds

The pocket protectors, glasses and always looking at their feet, this is the stereotypical engineer. But times have changed. Our engineers may snort every now and then, and get lost in a code reference, but for the most part you wouldn't be able to pick them out walking down the street. The culture at PermitZIP doesn't allow one to silo themselves and not interact in an impactful way with our clients. We are the fun-gineers!

2. They sit at computers all-day

"Engineers & designers don't understand construction, they just sit at their computers designing in 2d and could never understand how things really work."

This also is a big fat myth. Our team spends hours in the field surveying existing conditions, troubleshooting issues with architects, sub-contractors, and general contractors, coordinating on-site with the utility companies and local jurisdictions.

Our goal is to make our drawings easy to build in real life and get our clients in their spaces.

Check out more about our site surveys here.

3. Quick means cheap

Our fees are competitive with the industry, we aren't on the high side, we aren't on the low side. We are right where we should be. Our business model allows us to cater specifically to small projects, and we have the structure in place to make sure we get our design completed quickly, and accurately. Our resources, technically savvy tools, and knowledge of our team are the things that allow us to be quick. Learn more about our One Fee Promise.


While advanced math classes are required for engineering degrees, we can't tell you the solution for x on the spot, and it doesn't mean we like math.

Math is a necessary evil, and we love calculators and spreadsheets.


Homer Simpson so eloquently stated, "The first step to failure is trying."

You've probably heard horror stories of engineers that will point the finger everywhere but back at themselves. At PermitZIP we encourage new ideas, new technologies, and problem-solving.

We want our team to try, own up to failing, find a solution, and learn from our mistakes.

So while our engineers are tools, they are still just people too. Hug an engineer today!

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