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Project Spotlight: Absolute Cryotherapy

Baby, it's cold....inside!

One of our latest projects, Absolute Cryotherapy & Wellness, is providing cold therapy to the Richmond area. Owners Brian & Julie Angone saw a need for Cryotherapy in the region and answered the call. Cryotherapy is known to reduce pain, inflammation and speed up recovery times. The business has been open for two months and they've had a lot of skeptics. But Brian explains, "Every skeptic has signed up. We reach a lot of people with chronic pain and athletes. Back pain is one of the biggest issues we see."

The project team for this build-out included Architects Ionic Dezigns and General Contractor, Titan Construction. Brad Capps at Titan was instrumental in helping these first-time retail business owners get through the project process according to Brian, "The upfront cost was stressful and Brad helped get through that process, and now we are focused on getting people in the doors."

Localized Cryotherapy

You can pick from eight different services including Whole Body Cryotherapy in which you are immersed from the neck down in a chamber with gasses cooled to below-freezing temperatures for 2-5 minutes. The process is pain-free and reminiscent of a jump in a cold pool. You are also able to have Localized Cryotherapy which follows the same process but focuses on problem areas with a handheld device used by trained staff.

Brian's favorite services are the Cryo Facial & The Infrared Sauna. The Cryo Facial uses a specially designed mask that looks like it came from a Sci-Fi movie but the benefits are not a fantasy. Sub-zero nitrogen is pumped through this mask for just a few minutes. The facial can help to minimize pore size, reduce fine lines & those dreaded wrinkles. Brian describes the feeling and results "The extreme cold pulls the blood away from the face, taking toxins away. When the mask is removed and the blood warms up, it gives you a glow and helps with the production of collagen. Kim Kardashian does it, and I do it two times a week."

His other favorite, the Infrared Sauna is not like a regular sauna where the air is heated, the heat from the infrared goes to the body. No moisture is used so you don't get that gross sweaty feeling from a traditional sauna. "I just feel loose after using it," says Brian.

Other services include Cryo Slimming, Dry Float Therapy, and Compression Therapy. They are currently offering all 8 services for $99 which can go towards a membership cost if you decide to join. So don't be a skeptic, check them out at 13618 Hull St Rd in Midlothian.

And learn more about the benefits of their services here.

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