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PermitZIP Expediting Policy

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

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"Do you accept expediting fees?"

The answer has always been "no." But we want to discuss why and how we plan to solve these problems.

Administratively Cost Prohibitive

Merely answering this question costs us a minimum of two hours to decide if we can do it. And then, we still must complete contract writing, scheduling, invoicing, collections, and then the production. Often the engineering task represents less than 50 percent of the total hourly burden.

Team Wellbeing

It's a tight community here at PermitZIP. We have spent many a late night trying to finalize deliverables and missing time with our families. Expediting inherently means someone will work overtime.

Constant overtime is unhealthy, and workers should be compensated for occasional overtime.

The Solution?

Pre-Paid Construction Administration with simple contract structure, payment in advance, and expensive hourly rates.

Our policy will allow us to meet our clients' needs during emergencies while also giving the folks who have to complete the work some additional benefits. Our staff will be able to be appropriately compensated for the long hours.

Additionally, the team completing the work approves the expediting request before we offer it to our client.

The steps are simple:

  1. Email to request expedited delivery.

  2. If a team member volunteers for the overtime, we will give you the hours estimate and estimated (not guaranteed) delivery date.

  3. Go here to pay the $250 / hour in advance.

  4. The fee is non-refundable under any circumstance.

  5. We immediately get to work. See below for more technical details.

This is a new pilot program for us, but so far it's worked to solve the kind of problem only money can buy. It gives us a chance to share some profit with the team, grabbing their attention quickly to help resolve your engineering needs. It's a win-win!

Keep your eye out for updates on this program. Our software team is actively working on some new applications designed to streamline these (and many other) parts of our business and industry.

PLEASE NOTE: The client understands expediting requires prompt feedback to ensure coordination. The client must promptly furnish all data, architectural files, and coordination preferences to the PermitZIP team. The expediting fee only covers the proposed changes discussed and documented by the Production Manager. The responsibility of PermitZIP is complete upon receipt of the revised stamped plans. The expediting fee does not cover iterative work. Iterations to the requested revision will be subject to PermitZIP's typical scheduling or additional expediting fees.

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