We Never Charge for Changes. Here's How.

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Our new motto recently unleashed on our new round of business cards states:


Catchy right?

But there’s no way an engineering firm is not charging change orders. Everyone charges change orders.

Everyone but PermitZIP. Changes happen and we handle them.

multi-family engineering
Iterative design of a multi-family project in Richmond

Jim is opening a restaurant. He starts off wanting to make bagels, we design the entire restaurant around bagels, electrical connections for ovens and bagel makers, and plumbing lines to the bagel kettle are designed, the HVAC is designed to handle that hot kitchen.

Then Jim finds out he’s allergic to gluten and now Jim is opening an ice cream parlor.

No problem, Jim!

PermitZIP will change your MEP design to match your new love of dairy and not charge you a penny. As long as the changes are under the same permit number, and the same square footage in Jim’s proposal, we cover it all. Engineering letters, sketches, RFIs, Submittals, and any other items that arise. We are with you until you obtain your certificate of occupancy.

To help Jim keep up with these changes we begin a regular schedule of addenda and bulletins based on the status of the project. This is how it works (learn more about the Two-Week process for projects in pre-construction):

- Every five business days after a final design has been submitted, an addendum or bulletin will be released.

- This release will cover all changes that were called for in the first four days of that week.

Anything that comes up after that will be released under the next week's addendum/bulletin.

Addenda and Bulletins will incorporate the latest layout changes, RFIs, and any other issues that may come up and cause changes to the design. All revisions during this time are tracked, and a record kept of why each change was made. Jim gets his certificate of occupancy and we all eat ice cream.

You can get started on your PermitZIP project by completing an instant quote to get an immediate proposal – complete with the fee from design to occupancy.

To learn more about no change fees email twoweekguys@permitzip.com. We’d be happy to meet with you and go over the PermitZIP process.

Let’s make plans.

For the latest on PermitZIP and the One Fee Promise check out this updated blog article.

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