Meet The Zipper: David Shultz

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

PermitZIP has always had a silent partner. He's been behind the scenes working on the business model, and helping to get RoomTrotter off the ground.

As of last week, David Shultz is now a full-time member and newest account executive here at PermitZIP.

If he looks familiar you've probably seen him at networking events, or it may be the resemblance to Director of Engineering Kenny Shultz, his brother.

David, a VCU English graduate, came to us from selling laboratory equipment and supplies, primarily to state universities and agencies in Virginia for nearly a decade. He will be taking over the Hampton Roads and Raleigh markets. And his knowledge of state agencies will be a huge asset to our business development team.

He's a proud father of 5-year-old triplets and husband of Anne, writer of songs (listen to some of his greatest misses), caretaker and friend of Winnie the Weimaraner, an out of practice disc golf enthusiast, lover of the Chesapeake Bay, and purveyor of the Brackish Life.

He's getting his feet wet these first few weeks meeting clients, and learning about the PermitZIP ways. Feel free to reach out, introduce yourself, and welcome him to the team!

Also check out his first PermitBlog!

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