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Burning Questions

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

We are a different company. We try to disrupt the industry. And this brings many questions on how things work.

So we are here to answer all of your burning questions.

What exactly is the "Two-Week Turnaround Promise℠?"

We promise to complete your drawings, signed and sealed by a professional engineer for projects under 20,000 square feet, in two weeks or less. And if we don't, you don't pay. Simple, right? We love simple.

What if my project is over 20,000 square feet?

Depending on project type and scope we can handle those too! But they don't fall under our PermitZIP Two-Week Turnaround Promise℠. Larger projects aren't as predictable and take more time to complete. Contact one of our project experts and we can discuss how we can help expedite your larger projects.

If my project qualifies for a 3D Scan from RoomTrotter what does that mean?

RoomTrotter uses 3D cameras to create a complete, three-dimensional representation of a real-world location created from 2D (RGB) imagery and 3D data from a Matterport camera. The scan is included as part of our fee, there's no additional charge. It's an internal tool we use for coordination that we share with the entire design team. We provide you with a link to the 3D Showcase hosted on the Matterport site, color point cloud data, a reflected ceiling plan image, a high-resolution floor plan image and an OBJ file of the 3D mesh. Learn more about this tool here.

So when does this "two-week" period begin?

In order to get started, we need your help with a few things:

  • Schedule a site visit. (Learn more here.)

  • Submit an Instant Quote.

  • Architectural Backgrounds (Don't worry - if you don't have these we can help!)

  • For restaurants or any projects requiring specialty equipment, we need final kitchen layouts with the equipment selected prior to starting the two-week process.

If you would like to wait and think before signing, that is okay! We will hold off on your project until you authorize us to begin. In this scenario, our Two-Week Turnaround Promise℠ will begin the business day after a signed Instant Quote. The Two-Week Turnaround ends at the stroke of midnight 2 weeks (10 Business days) after you receive your PermitZIP kickoff email.

How does the two-week process work?

This question has its own blog post and video, but basically the two-week process includes:

Site Visit

Schematic Design

Schematic Design Meeting

Design Development

Final Permit-Ready Drawings

Construction Administration (CA)

You can learn more about each step here.

What do you mean by "Permit-Ready"?

Our intention is to give you accurate, professional drawings that are ready to be submitted for permits. Permit-Ready drawings have to be submitted to the proper jurisdiction for review. We can't guarantee that the jurisdiction will not have comments or revisions that need to be incorporated. Don't worry though, we will take care of all of the comments and provide the revisions.

What happens after our drawings are submitted for review?

PermitZIP will stick with you until your permits are released and you get your certificate of occupancy. We will take care of any comments and provide revisions based on the jurisdiction's review. We will also be with you through the construction administration process. And we never charge change orders. So your CA is included in your instant quote fee. Learn more about our no change order policy here.

Are there any exclusions from your drawings?

The scope of our drawings includes requirements for mechanical, electrical and plumbing permits. Our drawings are very inclusive as outlined in our blog here. This does not include:

  • Fire alarm permit drawings,

  • Fire Sprinkler

  • Technology systems (telephone, data, security, audio-visual, etc.)

  • Detailed demolition drawings (If required, demolition of major equipment or utility services will be shown. All other demolition is assumed to be complete demolition and all devices, conduit, cabling, and infrastructure will be new.)

Can I pause my Two-Week turnaround to give my team more time to review?

Yes! We work with our clients to fit their processes. We break our design process into 2 parts - the Schematic Design, and the Final Permit Ready Design. If you need more than one business day for your team to review the Concept Design - we will pause your project. When you give us your final comments, and the go-ahead to continue the Final Design we will start the Final Design process and have your Permit Ready Drawings to you within 5 business days.

What areas do you serve?

We serve the greater Richmond Metro area, Charlottesville, Northern Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and surrounding areas. If you aren't sure if we serve your area, just ask!

We are licensed in Virginia, North Carolina, DC, and Georgia, and are a member of the NCEES with access to additional state licensures.

If you have any other burning questions we haven't answered feel free to reach out to our Director of Business Development - Mary Harris at

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