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Updated: May 10, 2022

Did you know your PermitZIP project may include a RoomTrotter 3D scan?

Why would engineers need 3D Scanning? It saves us time from having to take several trips to the field (although we are more than happy to do a free virtual site survey!). It allows us to take measurements and view existing conditions to aid in our design.

Roomtrotter started as an internal tool that helped us complete PermitZip projects but shifted into something we could offer to others and is now its own entity for $0.05/sq. ft.

We will scan a space and produce a walk through model as well as a point cloud data model.

This is a crowdsourced system, so anyone can book a scan and there will be someone available to get the work done on demand. The point cloud can be used to create as-built drawings of the space. 

The walk-through can be used for anything, including to show off finished spaces, advertise empty shells, or to have documentation of rough-ins before the walls and ceilings are closed up.

You can check out a recent example here. . 

And find out more about the RoomTrotter journey in this BizSense article.

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