The PermitZIP internship program places you at the front and center of our engineering and business. You will be challenged to master the craft of engineering as well as the art of building a business. Interns can expect rapid growth with tremendous opportunities for strategic leadership within the organization. 

Our program has shown tremendous success in developing leadership and professional development. The very first interns in our program, Simon and Carter, started before we even had an office (in Mary's living room). Today Simon runs our mechanical team and has plans to expand our services by opening new departments. Carter runs the electrical team with plans of developing future automation and new production workflow pipelines for the company as a whole as we expand across the country.


Your career starts with PermitZIP and becomes what you want to make it. We encourage complete autonomy and will work side by side with you to mentor you along the way.  

How does it work?

The internship begins as an unpaid, full-time, summer-long position. After the summer phase of the program, you will be able to work as a paid employee, remotely, part-time, and during your semesters at your convenience.


You are free to work full-time weeks during your breaks and future summers, but that is not a requirement. We prefer you focus on your schoolwork as your first priority.

What will I do?

You'll be working directly with our engineers and designers to learn the fundamentals of our software, workflow, process, and get to know the entire team.


You will be invited to join client meetings as well as on-site site visits. You will learn how our 3D cameras work and how we use technology to capture high volumes of data to increase the communication bandwidth.

The specifics of the engineering practiced will depend on your discipline. Some examples of skills include performing load calculations, selecting equipment, interpreting code, studying building envelop, performing lighting calculations, and fault current calculations.


At the heart of this knowledge, you will learn how to consult with our clients through the challenges of blending engineering with code, budget, and a project's needs.  

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