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Mini Project Contract

Need additional services for your project?  A load letter for the utility?  A submittal review? A drawing revision post-permit?  You're in the right place!

How Many Hours Do You Need?

Reach out to our team for estimated hours for the effort.  Once you have the hours, you enter the total in the form to the right and you'll be able to purchase what you need right here!  email if you need an estimate.


Confirm Your Scope of Work

Provided a brief description of the requested service in the form as well. This helps us understand the nature of the request and helps us verify that what is being purchased matches the initially estimated hours we provided in the first step.


Finalize Payment

Make sure you have entered the correct number of hours. You'll then be able to pay which will submit the form data to our team to start our work! We'll be in touch with the final deliverable date. Note: this work may require short meetings or other small interval interactions. We'll walk you through that once we receive the payment and form data. If you have questions, please reach out to Thank you!

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